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Tech Rocket

Envy helped Tech Rocket to teach thousands of kids how to code.

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Project Details

The Client

iD Tech 365 (now Tech Rocket) STEM and coding kid camps.

Tech Rocket

Project Goals

  1. Teach coding in an interactive way

    A huge part of their teaching experience involved code, from Java to Unity to Python. However, they were only truly able to teach this in-person, on controlled machines, and an instructor had to give each kid individual feedback. Having a platform that executed code through a browser, giving instant feedback, could open new doors for education and get more kids coding.

  2. Offer improved remote education

    iD Tech had an existing site where they would publish knowledge, but it was rudimentary, only offering video content. They wanted to expand their content to the digital realm, where any kid could get an iD Tech-quality experience without having to attend a camp.

  3. Open a new, consistent revenue stream

    iD Tech’s revenue came solely from seasonal in-person camps, usually during summertime. But opening up a year-round revenue stream would help iD Tech break through some growth barriers.

Research + Prototype

Content Inventory

Any redesign starts by getting a lay of the land. Ways to improve organization and user experience are sought from research. Just because the old codebase will get rewritten doesn’t mean the ideas go away.

The initial application state, pre-Envy

Streamlined Browsing Experience

It’s hard, especially at younger ages, to become emotionally invested in a cluttered website. We simplified the design to showcase the courses, and only the courses. We asked: how can we get kids immersed in a course they want, as quickly as possible? Simple, clean design helps.

Application wireframes

Gamification Elements

Achievements, points, and progress are vital to keeping younger minds engaged. As such, we packed instant feedback into every nook and cranny of the website. This is the first thing kids see when logging in.

User dashboard and gamification
Design + Build

Delightful Animations

iD Tech 365 rebranded as Tech Rocket right before the launch. They handled the brand, and with all the spare time, we found little ways to make a kids’ site a little bouncier than most adults would like.

Colorful, Kid-friendly Design

Illustrations sprinkled on top of Tech Rocket’s saturated brand green and blue energizes the site, encouraging young kids to play.

Illustration style

Achievement Badges

Tech Rocket users can play to win fun badges, and visit their trophy collection any time to see all they’ve accomplished. As they’re playing, on-screen notifications appear letting them know when they’ve reached a milestone, one of the many ways we improved user experience through gamification.

Achievement badges

Live Coding Challenges

Built on Ivy, Tech Rocket could create their own coding challenges, letting kids write and execute actual Java code. Ivy gives helpful errors specific to what they did wrong, as well as hints they can use if they get stuck.

Point-and-click Challenges

Ivy’s useful for more than just coding as well. Tech Rocket can also create point-and-click challenges that are great for giving visual feedback in a very simplified way.



Enriched learning experiences

Tech Rocket has expanded their curriculum in exciting new ways, such as partnering with Hour of Code to encourage kids to learn coding at a younger age. Tech Rocket can also create harder coding challenges and richer learning experiences through the Ivy platform.

Increased user base

Tech Rocket boasts almost 4,000 active users per month that may not have attended their in-person camps otherwise. Further, Tech Rocket’s instructors and course content creators now have a broader reach than they ever have, being able to teach and give feedback to thousands online.

Additional revenue stream

A paid subscription model not only depends on course creators to make new content, it empowers them to do so with steady revenue.

Case Study


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