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Envy simplified the scary, confusing world of SSL certificates with an e-commerce redesign.

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Project Details

The Client

GeoCerts, one of the most-used providers for SSL certificates.


Project Goals

  1. Simplify the purchasing process

    SSL certificates are fundamental to the fabric of the web, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to install. GeoCerts has made strides in the past simplifying the purchase and installation of SSL, but with new technology, Envy could make this process simpler than ever.

  2. Make it responsive

    With the daily global rise in mobile traffic and mobile sales, GeoCerts needed a mobile-ready site to compete.

  3. Update GeoCerts’ Look

    It had been a while since GeoCerts’ site has been updated. Envy needed to update their logo and site visuals to keep up to date with some of the newer competition cropping up.

Research + Prototype

Dated Design

A product of 2002, GeoCerts could stand to use a few visual updates. In addition, their offerings could be focused a little better.

Application design, pre-Envy

Forgettable Logo

The brand identity, too, doesn’t evoke an emotional response to the user, either. Sure, it’s SSL certificates—historically not the most emotive industry—but there’s still room for improvement here.

Old GeoCerts identity

Information Overload

For a company that strives for “SSL made simple,” there’s still a lot of information for users to parse and take in. The shopping experience could be a little more streamlined.

Initial shopping experience

Brand Exploration

Finding the right iconography for a business is hard—one essentially takes existing letterforms and symbols with common meaning and tries to find a new way to combine them. For Geocerts, the concepts of global, protection, and security were explored, alongside something that hinted at the name itself.

Logo exploration

Making Simple, Simpler

We started by taking what was already there, and reducing it to its simplest form. Working in grayscale wireframes helps keep the visual hierarchy in order.

GeoCerts wireframes
Design + Build

A New Brand

We usually don’t take on branding projects, but the conditions were just right for us to make a simple identity along with the site updates. The new site wouldn’t have had the same impact with the old logo.

New GeoCerts branding

Hand-holding Through the Rough Parts

Working with SSL certificates—and anything domain-related in general—can be a headache. We designed new flows that make it clear where in the setup you are, and what’s next.

Injecting Fun

Realistically, most users on SSL shop are visiting out of necessity rather than personal enjoyment. If you make the core experience as smooth as possible, a little unexpected whimsy goes a long way and adds delight to otherwise dry content.

Illustration style

Bright Colors, Clear Distinction

SSL certificates are a very abstract thing—how do you design a store with no photos? With bright colors and bold typography. The user is still required to read a little bit, but they can at least cling to colorful icons to aid in their understanding.

SSL Shop

Internal Brand Standards for the Future

Because GeoCerts works on development in-house, it was important to give them the wheel in the form of visual building blocks. This helps them continue to iterate and develop their website—and brand—far into the future.

GeoCerts style guide


Envy was great to work with, and really took the time to understand our business and jumped right in.

Scott Rogers, Founder
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