Case Study


Envy redesigned an online platform that teaches and improves typing skills to students of all ages.

Ayana Campbell Smith

Project Details

The Client

B.E. Publishing and the team.

Project Goals

  1. Improve design & UX for new verticals and customers

    EduTyping, a learn-to-type online platform for schools, was looking to break into new school districts and audiences, but their outdated design and UX gaps were preventing them from doing so. They needed design to better work for them.

  2. Information Architecture

    The platform had grown since its release, and needed a little organization restructuring so all the added features felt more integrated. Envy would work with their team in re-mapping the platform in a more intuitive way.

Research + Prototype


As with any project, we started by mapping out the client’s existing platform, identifying the full feature set as well as any user pain points.

The initial application state, pre-Envy

Start from the User’s Perspective

Design starts at your users. Because no matter how well you organize your content from your standpoint, it’s worthless if it doesn’t make sense to users. What’s more, designing for elementary students requires an enhanced filter for noise and distraction, leaving only the most crucial elements on each page.

Unit wireframes

Getting the Core Experience Right

For EduTyping, if the actual typing interaction isn’t thoughtful and fun, we’ve failed. Wireframes started with the core experience, asking will kids really enjoy this? What’s missing?

Lesson wireframes
Design + Build

Three Platforms, One Look

With a few different platforms catered to slightly different users, we built out an identity system that’s cohesive but distinctive within itself. The colors for younger kids are bold and vivid, and the palette matures as the ages increase.

Per-platform themes

Fun and Vibrant

Saturated colors and subtle animations draw young children’s attention. Adding on-screen hands that light up with every key press was exactly what the design needed. The bright, instant interaction helps kids develop crucial typing skills they’ll carry with them the rest of their lives.

Typing animations

Celebrating the Little Victories

Each step of the way, students can see their progress and achievements they’ve earned so far. Their next assignment is front and center, and teachers can even interact with students through this portal.

User profile

Designed for Teachers, Too

Managing a classroom is hard enough by itself, so any educational platform should work for teachers and not against them. We made sure to put full control in the hands of teachers, empowering them to manage all their classes as quickly as possible.

Administration dashboard

Curriculum is King

Teachers have full control over their curriculum, and can either control the exact order and pacing of content, or sit back and let EduTyping handle it.

Curriculum editing


Playfully effective

Thousands of schools from across the country, from elementary all the way to college/university, have trusted EduTyping with their education. Their testimonials page is full of praise from teachers, saying the design “excites” kids which in turn motivates them to use it and learn.

Positioned to lead

With a new look and a thoughtfully redesigned user-experience, EduTyping is now in a better position to become an industry leader in online keyboarding education.


The project management and designs were spot-on from the onset of the discovery meeting to the final deadline. Thank you Envy.

Michael Gecawich, Founder
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