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For four years and counting, CentreLearn has partnered with Envy to create the most widely-used training platform for firefighters and EMTs nationwide.

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Project Details

The Client

Jason Paluck and the CentreLearners


Project Goals

  1. Update a legacy system to modern web standards, and allow for growth

    In 2011, CentreLearn had just passed the 10-year mark. A decade is quite a long time in internet years, and was in desperate need of an update. Envy was CentreLearn’s first choice for making sure the product would grow for another 10 years.

  2. Provide better UX for training managers and trainees

    The USA’s firefighters and paramedics are an elite breed of service worker, kept elite by rigorous certification and training systems. Designing an application that can meet exact national standards while saving users’ time is no easy task.

  3. Make training accessible on-the-go to mobile phones and tablets

    In the midst of firefighters’ and paramedics’ sometimes hectic schedules, they must keep current on all certifications—often both at once as many are dual-certified. Our job is to make training and certification as seamless and convenient as possible.

Research + Prototype

Building on the Foundation

When building off an existing platform, special attention must be made to current user patterns and features. We began by mapping the site index, layout, and key functions of the legacy system. You can see a lot of similarities in our redesign made for the sake of users.

Platform, pre-Envy

Mapping User Journeys

When design has already mapped out the user journey—how they get from point A to point B—it results in a better user experience and reduced frustration. If you’re not sure how the system handles a complicated interaction flow, how will you expect users to?


Code Review

When we started, the client already had started on an existing Ruby on Rails application. We provided code reviews to take the new code and raise it to our high standards.

Code commits during the rebuild
Design + Build

Dashboard 2.0

Wit and humor are crucial to good design, but sometimes you just need to let people do their thing as quickly and transparently as possible. The user dashboard isn’t a spectacle of flashy design, but rather, a subtle triumph built on decades of experience and user needs.

Redesigned dashboard

Responsive Design

In response to an increasingly-mobile world, CentreLearn 2.0 now had a fully-functional user dashboard accessibly to any device.

Responsive layout

Time-sensitive Design

A challenging task for training managers is having to keep track of many individual certifications—what training each person needs to take, when each credential expires, etc. If one trainee’s certification expires, that training manager has failed. It can be an overwhelming task without a good UI that shows you who needs your attention, and can even alert you ahead of time.

Time-sensitive UI dashboard

Modern, Multi-platform Web Content Player

With Ruby Gems running the backend, it was a cinch to connect the platform to YouTube, SlideShare presentations, and SCORM modules for course content. And going forward, Ruby on Rails makes it easy to add more content sources over time.

Video player

Robust Course Builder

Envy built the industry’s most advanced course builder in an easy-to-use interface. Training managers can publish and create their own courses easily, requiring trainees to meet even the most exact competency demands.

Course builder


Built to last

CentreLearn was acquired by VectorLearning in 2014 as a testament to the platform’s value and projected growth. While there are many players in the space, CentreLearn made a wise choice with Ruby on Rails. The system remains the most technologically-advanced platform in the industry (that is, until Envy releases VectorLearning’s next big thing TBA).

Time savings galore

Following the release of the CentreLearn 2.0 platform, the company saw wide adoption from both new and existing users. The platform also supported Citrix’s GoToMeeting integration, making it easy to schedule organization meetings from within the platform. Where users needed time savings, CentreLearn came through.

World’s most accessible training

CentreLearn became an industry leader with responsive design, letting trainees and training managers use the platform on any size screen. With fewer barriers to complete training, CentreLearn helps keep American fire fighters & EMT personnel sharp.


Our partnership with Envy is the best decision CentreLearn has ever made. Our new training system puts us years beyond the competition.

Jason Paluck, Founder
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