Why Envy?

Specialized Web Consulting

Pair our application design and development expertise with your distinct domain knowledge.



We’ve built a reputation making new generations of interactive training platforms. From founding Code School to developing bespoke platforms for Cisco and Booz Allen Hamilton, our team has helped shape the educational technology sector.

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization

There’s something significant lurking within almost any data storage table. Our team is not only skilled at showcasing those truths, but also making sure interactive visuals are accurate to the underlying data.

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Scalable Systems

Scalable Systems

Scalability refers to many things in our line of work: adding users, adding features, or adding developers at a moment’s notice. Instead of playing at semantics, we just cover everything from the outset.

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Edge Cases

Edge Cases

We crave the unsolvable. Some of our best client work has been done connecting the dots other agencies couldn’t.

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Our Process

At Envy, we strive to find the right combination of flexibility and structure for our clients—flexible in adapting to their company or team composition, but structured in adhering to processes our consulting expertise prescribes.



We’ll arrange a workshop to perform a deep dive into your problem and deliver a detailed plan of action and estimate for your next steps.


Design + Development

It’s application build time, complete with real data, visual polish, and delightful interactions.

Design + Development


Envy sends your application off into the world while future feature development and maintenance shift to the forefront.


Working With Us

Weekly Check-ins

Envy may not be located nearby, but we want you to feel like we are. We’ll have (at minimum) a weekly phone call to review progress and address questions / concerns on both sides.

Dedicated Team Members

The same Envy designers and / or developers will stick with your project through the entire cycle. That means no time is wasted bringing somebody up to speed, and you’ll have dedicated communication every step of the way.

Milestone Recaps

After every major release, we’ll review our initial goals and determine where we succeeded, where we may have missed the mark, and how to better our relationship for future phases of work.

End-of-week Reports

We send you a summary every Friday that details where we spent our time and the accompanying progress towards your goals.

The Word

Hear from a few clients we’ve had the privilege of partnering with thus far:

Michael Gecawich
Founder of B.E. Publishing
Ed Kilduff
Founder of Camassia
Jason Paluck
Founder of CentreLearn

“The project management and designs were spot-on from the onset of the discovery meeting to the final deadline.”

“First-rate technical skill combined with taste and creativity is a rarity. Like finding a vein of gold in the wilderness, Envy is that rare strike.”

“Our partnership with Envy is the best decision CentreLearn has ever made. Our new training system puts us years beyond the competition.”

The People Who
Make it Possible

Meet the Envy Team

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