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Since 2009, Envy has helped companies transform ideas into successful products for the web. We’re a tightly focused team of professionals who understand how to create, build, and grow digital products.


Technical solutions anchored on a focused, sustainable process.

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Great ideas start with critical thinking & creative exploration.

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Rehab and restore the health of your app or digital product.

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Our Story

Envy was formed in 2009 as a passionate group of developers and designers. That spirit of independence, hard work, and enthusiasm remains a part of Envy’s DNA. From its inception, Envy has been a leader in the design and development communities—from helping to lead the early advancement of Ruby on Rails, to open-source projects like MVCSS, to the creation of Code School.

At its heart, Envy is a group of problem solvers. We’re passionate about helping people, and trying to nudge the world around us in a positive direction. We’ve had the privilege to solve problems for some of the world’s biggest brands (Google, Cisco, Booz Allen Hamilton), and be trusted by dozens of small businesses and startups. Building software is more than a job to us, it’s our passion. We regularly teach, speak, train, and encourage, and are often sought out for our expertise in design, user experience, Rails, and JavaScript.

We also understand the business side of the equation. In today’s market, it’s not enough to build a great technical product—you also have to build a product that is economically viable. We’ve helped companies save millions of dollars through improved processes, and helped businesses experience exponential growth through new products and initiatives.

The Envy Team

We’ve also built successful products on our own—in 2014, we sold Code School to Pluralsight, one of the world’s leading educational companies, after growing Code School to over $8 million in annual revenue in just 3 short years.

You could choose any number of great design shops to build your product. But we think if you work with us, you’ll experience something special. We are transparent, honest, professional, and focused. When you work with Envy, it feels like you’re working with family (in all the best ways). If you want to build something that matters, with a team who cares, that’s who we are. We’d love to work with you.

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

We Foster Education

Because technology advances so fast, we’re committed to learning and helping to educate others. We’ve built Code School, one of the world’s most popular technical education websites, and we are a leader in the local community. Throughout our relationship, we’ll help explain our process, share reasons for the ‘why’, and teach and train along the way. We’re committed to shipping the best products for our clients, and encouraging them to grow at the same time.

We Pursue Excellence

We Pursue Excellence

We constantly strive for well-crafted, focused, and sustainable software. It’s important for us to build a relationship with each of our clients—the more we know about your business, your goals, and your needs, the better we can craft solutions to the problems you wish to solve. We have a world-class design and development team that are fully committed to the health and success of your product. When you work with Envy, you’re getting a partner, not just a contractor.

We Practice Transparency

We Practice Transparency

Because we value partnership with our clients so highly, it’s important that you always know what’s going on with your project. There is no hierarchy at Envy, nor are there a bunch of hoops you have to jump through to be heard. You’ll have direct access to everyone working on your project; we establish at least two weekly check-ins for the project’s duration; and all features and scope requirements are collaboratively outlined at the beginning of each sprint cycle.

We Create Fun

We Create Fun

First and foremost, we’re professionals. But we believe a key part of being a professional is enjoying the work that we do. We make it a point to invite each client to our offices at least once during a project so you can experience our culture. We’re very proud of the culture here at Envy, and it spills into the work we do for our clients. There are no sacred hills at Envy—if there’s something that’s causing a rub, no matter how small, we’re committed to fixing it. The best thing our clients can say about us is that they feel they’re working with friends. And most say that very thing.


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