We are Envy

Since 2009, Envy has helped companies transform ideas into successful products for the web.

Our Core Values

  1. We Foster Education

    Because technology moves so fast, we’re committed to staying on top of the latest and helping to educate others including our clients. We’ve built Code School, one of the world’s most popular technical education websites, and we are a leader in the local community, hosting numerous educational events in and around Central Florida. In our consulting work, we’d love for our clients to end each project more educated than they were at the start. Throughout our relationship, we’ll help explain our process, share reasons why we’re doing specific things, and even teach and train. We’re committed to shipping the best products for our clients, and helping them to grow at the same time.

  2. We Pursue Excellence

    We constantly strive to produce the highest quality work for each and every project. It’s important for us to build a relationship with each of our clients—the more we know about your business, your goals, and your needs, the better we can craft solutions to the problems you wish to solve. We have a world-class design and development team that transforms your idea into a successful product.

    When you work with Envy, you’re getting a partner, not just a contractor.

  3. We Practice Transparency

    Because we put so much value in a partnership with our clients, it’s important that you always know what’s going on with your project. We are about as open as it gets, and we’re proud of it. There is no hierarchy at Envy, nor are there a bunch of hoops you have to jump through to get your message across. You’ll have direct access to everyone working on your project, we establish at least two weekly checkins for the project’s duration, and we provide an itemized status report each week listing every hour billed to your project and what it was for. Additionally, we’ll share working files, screencasts, and anything else that helps keep you informed.

    We value transparency so much it’s a core value of our company, and we think you’ll appreciate why.

  4. We Create Fun

    First and foremost, we’re professionals. But we believe a key part of being a professional is enjoying the work that we do. We make it a point to invite each client to our offices at least once during a project so you can experience our culture. We’re very proud of the culture here at Envy, and it spills into the work we do for our clients. If you partner with Envy, we see you as a member of our family, not just a client. We try to remove any barrier that creates a feeling of separation, or closed-mindedness. There are no sacred hills at Envy; moreover, if there’s something that’s causing an element of concern, no matter how small, we're committed to fixing it.

    The best thing our clients can say about us is that they feel they’re working with friends. And a lot of them say just that.

We are a web consultancy that transforms ideas into successful products.

We believe great ideas improve lives and solve problems through creative innovation and technology.

We Are Envy

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